Priestgate Real Estate and Property Management


Priestgate real estate and property management, a wholly Ghanaian owned Real Estate Company has been in existence for over ten years. Priestgate is located at Tema Community 25, a few meters away from the Savanna Junction. Since its establishment, the company has offered a wide range of services in the real estate business such as searching for the genuineness of lands, purchasing and documentation of lands, land surveying and architectural services, property management and consultancy services.


For years we have been representing the interests of both local and foreign property owners in Ghana as well as buyers from all around the globe. At Priestgate, we strongly believe that every customer and transaction is unique and we do our best to produce a satisfying results to the delight of parties (the buyer and the seller) in all our services.


Having some of the finest professionals in the real estate business, Priestgate Real Estate and Property Management, we deliver assured and reliable services with utmost quality.


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